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Clinic Program


Volunteer coaches are needed for new spring teams


First day of Clinic is 4/6/2024

Sessions are each Saturday for 10 weeks.
April – June
All sessions are held at Oak Park in Toms River
Each Saturday the following schedule will be used:
8:45am U4 and U5 Coaches Clinic (Trainer’s work with volunteer coaches)
9:00am U4/U5 Players Session
10:15am U6 Coaches Clinic (Trainer’s work with volunteer coaches)
10:30am U6 Players Session

This program is designed for inexperienced players in the U4-U6 age groups, and stresses soccer fundamentals, skills and good sportsmanship. Clinic is a non-competitive program in which no standings are kept and the sole purpose is to teach the game. Players work with both a professional trainer and a volunteer parent coach for one hour every Saturday morning.

The first half hour is spent focused on games and drills to teach and reinforce basic soccer skills.

The second half hour is spent playing small-sided soccer games (typically 3 on 3) to give the kids the opportunity to get on the field and make their own decisions, and again, reinforce the basic soccer skills they worked on with the trainer and coach.

The small-sided game approach to teaching soccer is based on the fact that the best teacher of soccer skills is the ball itself. Small-sided games allow each child to maximize the number of touches they get on the ball in a live game situation.

Equipment requirements for the Clinic program are as follows:

Size 3 soccer ball

Navy blue soccer shorts

Navy blue soccer socks

Shin guards

Soccer cleats

A TRFC T-shirt is given to all NEW participants on the first day of Clinic, and completes the Clinic ‘uniform’

(t-shirts are given out to all NEW players on the first day of the Spring season).

The Clinic program starts with 10 sessions in the Fall season and 10 sessions in the Spring.

Cost of the full year program is $199 and covers the 10 weeks Fall and 10 weeks in Spring.

Cost of Spring Only Clinic 10 weeks is $135.00

At the U6 age group, the transition to league play begins in the second half of the program. U6 players follow the same Clinic curriculum as the other age groups

in the Fall, but in the Spring, they participate in an in-house U6 league each Saturday and one training session that will take place during the week.

The Spring 2024 Clinic program will follow this schedule:

The clinic program, please email our Registrar

Clinic Volunteer Coaches – The clinic program is also a place for volunteer parent coaches to learn the craft of coaching and the finer points of soccer instruction. Coaching at the Clinic level requires no previous experience, and each week the professional trainers spend time with the volunteer coaches, overseeing them, giving them instruction, and helping them to eventually take the lead role of their developing young team. They will work side by side on Saturday mornings with NJ Surf Trainers. NJ Surf will provide curriculum prior to each week as well as a live coaching demo session 15 mins prior to the start of each clinic session.

As a volunteer coach, you will receive:

Free coach’s gear and equipment to use during the season;

Ongoing support from our other coaches;

Our clinic program will now be staffed with NJ Surf Trainers to provide the best possible resources for our youngest group to establish the building blocks needed for players development.